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CCOnline Archive

November 2017 Issue

  • OSHA Extends Operator Certification Deadline to 2018
  • Crane Operator Certification Delay
  • Lift & Move USA Opens Eyes to Industry
  • Crane Operators Speak out on the Value of Certification
  • CCO TLL Certification Now Offers Boom Truck Option
  • NCCCO Offers SC&R Foundation Certification Scholarships
  • Audits Key to Practical Exam Integrity
  • Building Antlers Bridge
  • Western Regional Office Expands
  • Visit NCCCO at The Work Truck Snow for Free!
  • CCO-Certified Crane Inspectors Logo Use and Patch
  • Lift Safety Zone Promoted at ICUEE
  • Did You Know? Recertifying on Added Certifications
  • Employer Quote of the Month
  • CCO By the Numbers
  • This Month in History...1989
  • NCCCO in the News
  • Supporter Spotlight: Samson

July 2017 Issue

  • Breaking Records in Vegas, CONEXPO 2017
  • OSHA Set to Delay Rule—Again
  • The Lift Safety Zone on CONEXPO TV!
  • OSHA Certification Webinar
  • Foundation Drill Rig Certification
  • Second Industry Forum
  • NCCCO Elects Commissioners
  • Pile Drivers Line Up for Certification
  • Australian Review Group Meets
  • New Candidate Processing System
  • Crane Experts Educate at CONEXPO
  • Visit the Lift Safety Zone at ICUEE
  • Practical Examiner Workshops
  • Did You Know?
  • Employer Quote of the Month
  • CCO by the Numbers
  • This Month in CCO History... 1998
  • Supporter Spotlight

Thanks for Visiting NCCCO at CONEXPO 2017!

  • CONEXPO Photo Gallery
  • Available CCO Certifications
  • Lift Safety Zone on CONEXPO TV
  • Model Crane Winners Announced
  • Graham Brent on CONEXPO Radio
  • Thank You to Our Sponsors

Special Pre-CONEXPO 2017 Edition

  • Lift Safety Zone
  • Crane & Rigging Seminars
  • Practical Examiner Workshops
  • Written & Practical CCO Certification Exams
  • Full Program Information
  • Where to Find NCCCO?
  • CONEXPO Radio Feature
  • 2014 Lift Safety Zone Video

December 2016 Issue

  • Liebherr Sponsors Exam Calculators
  • Bragg Hosts 700+ for Lift & Move USA
  • ITI Hosts Fall Commissioner Meetings
  • CONEXPO Education Highlight: Tappan Zee
  • Special CONEXPO Registration Discounts
  • NCCCO Plans CONEXPO Exhibit
  • Pile Driver Certification Readies for Launch
  • Haag Hosts Board of Directors Meeting
  • Employer Recognition Program: Cianbro
  • Find NCCCO at World of Concrete
  • Employer Joins ERP Program
  • Examiner Workshops Scheduled
  • Training Providers Annual Renewal Due
  • Did You Know?
  • From the Seat
  • Employer Quote of the Month
  • CCO by the Numbers
  • This Month in CCO History... 2007
  • NCCCO in the News
  • Supporter Spotlight

October 2016 Issue

  • NCCCO Hits Practical Examiner, Workshop Milestones
  • Society of American Military Engineers and NCCCO Join Forces
  • CCO Crane Inspectors Recertify
  • PA Clarifies that Practicals Must be Taken on “ASME B30.5 Cranes”
  • NCCCO Clarifies Physical Requirements
  • Special CONEXPO Registration Discounts
  • CONEXPO Education Highlight: Responsibilities of Onsite Personnel for Cranes
  • Pete Laux Elected to NCCCO Board of Directors
  • Lift Safety Zone to Take Center Stage at CONEXPO 2017
  • Lift & Move USA Goes to California
  • Commissioner Spotlight: Hank Dutton
  • Washington State Gets Regularly Scheduled Exams
  • Practical Examiner Workshops Scheduled
  • Did You Know?
  • From the Seat
  • Employer Quote of the Month
  • CCO By the Numbers
  • This Month in CCO History... 2008
  • Supporter Spotlight
September 2016 Issue
  • NCCCO and Veterans Meet at American Legion
  • Lift Director Applications Spike
  • Special CONEXPO Registration Discount
  • CONEXPO Education Highlight: Lift Director
  • Load Chart Option Added to Specialties
  • Sample Lift Plans and Questions Published
  • Lift & Move USA Heads to California
  • ERP Profile: Turner Industries
  • Lift Safety Zone at CONEXPO 2017
  • Practical Examiner Workshops
  • Employer Recognition Program
  • Did You Know?
  • From the Seat
  • Employer Quote of the Month
  • CCO by the Numbers
  • NCCCO in the News
  • This Month in CCO History... 2001
  • Supporter Spotlight

July 2016 Issue

  • NCCCO Administers One Millionth CCO Exam
  • Washington State Extends Contract with NCCCO
  • Finishing Trades Institute (FTI) Commits to CCO Certifications
  • Lift Safety Zone at CONEXPO 2017
  • Commissioner Spotlight: Dave Judy
  • Lift & Move USA Heads to California
  • NCCCO Recognizes Its First President
  • Employer Recognition Program Update
  • Last Call!Training Providers Listings
  • Did You Know
  • John N. Zarian Appointment
  • NCCCO Celebrates Fun Run
  • From the Seat
  • Employer Quote of the Month
  • CCO by the Numbers
  • NCCCO in the News
  • The Month in CCO History: 1998
  • Supporter Spotlight: Crane Tech 

May 2016 Issue

  • Record Number of Recertificants
  • Auditing Is Key to Test Integrity
  • Certification Provides Pathway for Youth
  • ERP Profile: Deep South
  • UA Members Recertify
  • New NCCCO Staff Email Addresses
  • Treml Joins the Commission
  • NCCCO Appoints Sam Rogers
  • Become a Practical Examiner
  • Lift & Move USA Moves to California
  • 2016 Renewals for Employers and Trainers
  • Lift Director Exams Now Via CBT
  • NCCCO In the News
  • From the Seat

December 2015 Issue

  • Industry Forum on Personnel Qualifications
  • Gala Recognizes "Difference Makers"
  • New York City Recognizes CCO Rigger and Signalperson
  • Washington State Renews Contract
  • 4-Star Recertificant Program Launched
  • Upcoming Webinar
  • NCCCO Around the World
  • Lift & Move Coming to Houston
  • International Crane Experts Meet in Australia
  • CCO "Gives Back" at Veterans Benefit
  • Pile Driving Rig Certification Takes Shape
  • 20 Years of NCCCO at National Safety Council Congress
  • This Month in CCO History
  • From the Seat: W.O. Grubb's Blair Carlton
  • Practical Examiner Workshops Scheduled
  • CCO By the Numbers

August 2015 Issue

  • NCCCO Acquires Testing Services Operations of IAINCCCOServices
  • NCCCO Enters Telecom Industry
  • Manitowoc Cranes Sponsors CCO Calculators
  • The National Safety Council Selects NCCCO for Congress
  • Lift Director Qualifications Outlined in Webinar
  • Visit the Lift Safety Zone at ICUEE
  • Commissioner Profile: Kenneth Shinn
  • Youth Respond to Industry Outreach
  • Video Contest: What CCO Means to Me
  • NCCCO Employer Recognition Program
  • Training Providers—Do You Offer Training in Spanish?
  • Did You Know?
  • This Month in CCO History...2003
  • From the Seat: Mike Carpenter of Lamar Talks Certification
  • NCCCO's 20th Anniversary: What's Your Story?
  • CCO by the Numbers

June 2015 Issue

  • Heavy Equipment Labor Shortage
  • Crane Inspectors Vital to Safety
  • Young Adult Career Event
  • IFCEE Attendees Learn about Certification
  • NCCCO Recognizes SC&RA
  • NCCCO Safety Conference
  • Buckner Sponsors Fun Run
  • World Crane and Transport Summit
  • Do You Offer Spanish Language Training?
  • Mobile and Signalperson Exams Updated
  • Did You Know?
  • CCO By the Numbers
  • CCO Supports Certification Efforts in Chile
  • Congratulations to 4-Star Recertificants
  • Hard Hat Decals Sent with Cards
  • Practical Examiner Workshops Scheduled
  • From the Seat
  • Steel Erectors National Convention
  • This Month in CCO History
  • New Committed to Crane Safety Employers

Special Lift & Move USA Issue

  • Who Should Attend:
    • Students
    • Parents
    • High School and Vocational Teachers
    • Military Veterans
  • Why:   
    • Learn about careers in the industry
    • Learn of earning potential
    • Experience what is really like to operate or drive a crane in a simulator
    • Enter a drawing to win $250 (register by June 5th to qualify)
    • Network with companies in the industry
    • Tuesday night BBQ at a crane company with equipment display
  • Cost: FREE! That's right, this event has so much industry support all you have to do is register.
  • When: June 16–17, 2015
  • Where:
    • Chicago Midway Marriott
      6520 South Cicero Ave.
      Chicago, IL 60638

April 2015 Issue

  • ACCSH Meeting Discusses Crane Rule
  • OSHA Removes Capacity from Certification
  • Spanish Language Exams
  • Recertification Sets Records
  • From the Seat: Kiewit's Doug Welchert
  • 38th Biannual Commissioner Meeting
  • Safety Week Approaching
  • California Manager Appointed
  • This Month in CCO History
  • CCO by the Numbers
  • Practical Examiner Workshops Scheduled
  • Did You Know?

March 2015 Issue

  • ACCSH to Discuss Crane Operator Qualifications Language
  • House Pressures OSHA to Act on Crane Operator Requirements
  • NCCCO Names 2015 Board of Directors
  • NCCCO Spring Meetings to be Held in Fort Worth, TX
  • NCCCO Teams with SC&RA, KHL for Career Event
  • ANSI Issues Commendation and Grants Continued Accreditation
  • Lift Director and Service Truck Crane Programs Accredited
  • NCCCO Assists Returning Veterans, Serving Military
  • Did You Receive Your NCCCO Anniversary Calendar?
  • VCO an Outstanding Success
  • Did You Miss the World of Concrete?
  • Commissioner Profile: Doug Stegeman
  • Ethics & Discipline Program Provides Quality Assurance
  • Upcoming Practical Examiner Workshops
  • Annual Renewal for the NCCCO Employer Recognition Program
  • Training Providers to Complete Annual Listing Renewal
  • This Month in CCO History...1999
  • Did You Know?
  • From the Seat: Operators Talk About CCO Certification
  • Employer Quote of the Month
  • NCCCO's 20th Anniversary: What's Your Story?
  • CCO By the Numbers
  • Supporter Spotlight: Morrow

January/February 2015 Issue

  • NCCCO Turns 20
  • Audit Program Sets Record
  • Pile Driving Task Force Meets
  • OSHA Updates
  • Employer Recognition Renewals
  • Washington State Updates Certifier Requirements
  • CCO By the Numbers
  • Updated Certification Card Fact Sheet
  • Tappan Zee Mandates CCO Certification
  • Power Line Safety Cards
  • New Videos Available
  • Training Provider Renewals
  • From the Seat
  • Practical Examiner Workshops Scheduled

December 2014 Issue

  • 2014: The Year That Was
  • Development of Pile Driving Rig Certification Underway
  • OSHA Optimistic about 2017 Deadline
  • Nichols Joins NCCCO Board
  • NCCCO Thanks the Fall Meeting Sponsors
  • Crane Inspector Profile: John Alexander
  • Signalperson Certification at All-Time High
  • States Respond to OSHA Delay
  • NCCCO Recognizes New "Committed" Employers
  • This Month in NCCCO History...2007
  • Handy with a Camera? Send Us Your Photos!
  • Did You Know...Employers Can Hold Written Exams

November 2014 Issue

  • OSHA Extends Compliance Date for Operator Certification
  • NCCCO Joins Coalition for Crane Operator Safety
  • Boom Truck Operator Certification Program Launched
  • CCO Certified: 100,000 and Counting
  • World Crane and Transport Summit
  • NCCCO Auditors Complete Annual Training
  • Commissioner Spotlight: Danny Bishop
  • Visit NCCCO at World of Concrete
  • CCO Crane Inspector Certification Benefits Contractors
  • Rigger Level II Certification Made Easier
  • NCCCO Recognizes New "Committed" Employers
  • Certificant Misconduct Leads to Disciplinary Action
  • Lift Director Management Committee Established
  • Billboard Leader Embraces CCO Certification
  • Commissioners Gather for 37th Biannual Meeting
  • NCCCO Elects Commissioners
  • Handy with a Camera? Send Us Your Photos!
  • This Month in Industry (and NCCCO) History...
  • Did You Know: OSHA Has Requirements for Lift Directors
  • Information Bulletins Sent
  • Call for Volunteers: Help Develop New CCO Dedicated Pile Driving Rig Operator Certification

News_Alert: OSHA_Update (9/26/14)

  • OSHA to Revisit Crane Operator Certification Rule
  • Additional Information and Resources

June 2014 Issue

  • Industry Agrees with Proposed OSHA Rule
  • 36th Biannual Commission Meeting
  • New Power Line Safety Card Available
  • CONEXPO—Quite a Show!
  • CONEXPO Presentations a Huge Success
  • Congratulations to the CONEXPO Raffle Winners
  • Power Line Safety Quiz Answers
  • Quicker Practical Exam Score Reporting Available
  • Sicklesteel Cranes Donates Calculators
  • What Does It Mean to Be CCO-Certified
  • State Watch: Connecticut Postpones Additional Licensure Requirements
  • NCCCO Recognizes New "Committed" Employers
  • 15th Annual CCO Fun Run
  • Did You Know: CCO Certification Can Be Verified Online?
  • Information Bulletins Sent

January 2014 Issue

  • CONEXPO's Lift Safety Zone to Focus on Power Line Safety
  • Not Excited About CONEXPO Yet?
  • CONEXPO Exam Registration Available!
  • OSHA Releases New Power Line Video
  • Still No Word from OSHA
  • NCCCO Stands Behind Substance Abuse Policy
  • Compliance Directive On Its Way
  • Service Truck Crane Examiners Get Accredited
  • Are you Committed to Crane Safety? Then the ERP Program is For You!
  • Announcing the Training Provider Listing Recognition Program
  • Training Providers: Time to Renew for 2014
  • CICB to Provide Training at CONEXPO
  • Educate at CONEXPO: 11 More Reasons to Go! 
  • Follow Us on Twitter
  • This Month in CCO History in...1999
  • Did You Know...Certificants Can Recertify Up to 12 Months Before Their Certification Expires?
  • Important Notice Regarding the TSC/PE  Section of the NCCCO Website

December 2013 Issue

  • 2013 News Highlights
  • Digger Derrick Operator Earns ANSI Accreditation
  • ANSI Grants NCCCO Continued Accreditation
  • Shuttlelift Load Chart Available January 2014
  • Visit CONEXP - Get Certified and Accredited!
  • Changes to Signalperson Make Exams More Accessible
  • Visit NCCCO at World of Concrete
  • Congratulations to Our Three-Star Winner
  • CONEXPO Education Seminar Highlights
  • Follow Us on Twitter
  • This Month in CCO History...1996
  • Did You Know...There Are Two Ways to Take Written Exams?

November 2013 Issue

  • OSHA and Corps of Engineers Speakers Cap off 35th Biannual Meeting
  • Annual NCCCO Auditor Training Wraps Up
  • NCCCO Introduces Lift Director Certification
  • Have you Registered for CONEXPO 2014?
  • Think CONEXPO--Think....Education
  • NCCCO Welcomes New Commissioners
  • Articulating Crane Operator Recertification Exams Available
  • Florida Crane Owners' Council, Inc. Awards Scholarships
  • Improved Log Books Issued
  • Lift Safety Zone a Big Hit at ICUEE 2013
  • What's up with OSHA's Crane Personnel Qualifications?
  • CCO Certification Available to Military Personnel
  • At This Time in...1998
  • Holiday Closing
Special ICUEE 2013 Edition
  • International launch of new CCO Service Truck Crane Operator certification program
  • Live demonstrations of CCO Digger Derrick Operator, Articulating Crane Operator, and Rigger practical exams
  • Written examinations for all CCO certification with immediate score reporting
  • Onsite practical examinations for Service Truck Crane Operator certification
  • Full range of CCO recertification written exams in all categories
  • Training for Service Truck Crane Operators offered by Venturo Training Services (VTS)
  • Visit the Lift Safety Zone at booth N1053
  • Download and print map of all NCCCO activities at ICUEE

September 2013 Issue

  • Service Truck Crane Operator Certification Now Available
  • NCCA Reaffirms CCO Certification Accreditation
  • OSHA Recommits to Reopening Crane Operator Certification Rule
  • Webinar: What's Up With OSHA's Crane Personnel Qualifications?
  • Lift Safety Zone to Return at ICUEE 2013
  • International Assessment Institute Has Moved
  • NCCCO Holds Largest Ever Commissioners Meeting
  • NCCCO Gears Up for ConExpo Next Year in Las Vegas
  • Verify CCO Online System Attains Early Success
  • Commissioner Spotlight: Bill Smith
  • NCCCO Welcomes Three More "Committed" Employers
  • Written Test Administration Request Form Now Online

May 2013 Issue

  • OSHA Schedules Crane Operator Certification Meetings
  • New Address for International Assessment Institute
  • Service Truck Crane Operator Certification Launched
  • 14th Annual CCO Fun Run Spotlights Crane Safety
  • Commissioner Spotlight: Dennis Eckstine
  • NCCCO Welcomes More "Committed" Employers
  • Lift Safety Zone to Return at ICUEE

April 2013 Issue

  • OSHA Schedules Crane Operator Certification Meetings
  • NCCCO Stands Behind Substance Abuse Policy
  • NCCCO Launches Verify Certification Online System
  • NCCCO Welcomes More "Committed" Employers
  • Industry Responds to OSHA Testing Ultimatum
  • Shuttlelift Load Chart to Replace Broderson in Mid-2013
  • NCCCO Elects Officers for 2013-2014
  • NCCCO Elected to Key National Standards Role
  • Crane Inspector Certification Earns ANSI Accreditation
  • Computer-Based Testing Sets New Record
  • Message from the Pennsylvania Crane Operator Licensing Board

December 2012 Issue

  • ANSI Reaccredits NCCCO
  • Industry Warns of False Accreditation Claims
  • NCCCO Gathers for Fall 2012 Meetings
  • NCCCO Commission Elects Vliet Chairman
  • Manitowoc Provides 20,000 More Calculators for Tests
  • Hulse Steps Down as NCCCO Commission Chairman
  • NCCCO Welcomes Committed to Crane Safety Employers
  • Two-Star Recertificant's Tale Demonstrates NCCCO Value
  • Service Truck Crane Operator Certification
  • NCCCO Offers Free Passes to the Work Truck Show
  • Rigger I Practical Examiner Accreditation Workshop
  • Visit CCO at World of Concrete

October 2012 Issue

  • Message from the President: Operator Certification and the New Crane Rule
  • NCCCO Starts Committed to Crane Safety Program
  • NCCCO Applauds Committed to Crane Safety Initiates
  • Digger Derrick Program Launches
  • Terex Utilities Hosts First Digger Derrick Operator Exams
  • Shuttlelift Load Chart to Replace Broderson in Mid-2013
  • New Practical Examiners Set for Probationary Period

July/August 2012 Issue

  • Order Replacement Certification Cards Online
  • NCCCO Issues Separate Certification Cards
  • NCCCO Introduces Color-Coded CCO Certification Cards
  • CCO Certification Is Benchmark for NYC License
  • Manitowoc Donates 10,000 Calculators for CCO Exams
  • NCCCO Elects Directors, Officers for 2012-2013
  • Newly Certified Crane Operators Receive Log Books
  • IBEW Local 98 Hosts Practical Examiner Workshop
  • Kiewit CCO Operator Team Makes Huge 10-Crane Lift
  • NCCCO Holds 32nd Biannual Meeting
  • H&E Hosts Four Examiner Workshops
  • 13th Annual Fun Run Raises Awareness of Crane Safety
  • Take Any CCO Written Exam by Computer

May 2012 Issue

  • Washington's Requirements for Riggers Now in Effect
  • Lift Directors to Get Certification Program
  • California Articulating Crane Regulation More Restrictive than Federal
  • Kudos to Kennedy
  • Cranes Are Safer, But More Training Needed
  • West Virginia Maintains CCO Certification Requirement
  • Crane Inspector Exams Now Available via CBT
  • CCO Riggers and Signalpersons to the Rescue

February/March 2012 Issue

  • NCCCO Approves 3,000th Practical Exam Site
  • Annual Auditor Training Maintains CCO Test Integrity
  • Commissioner Spotlight: Doug Sidelinger
  • NCCCO Approves Use of Calculators on CCO Exams
  • CCO Operator Profile: Simeon Crews
  • CCO Around the Nation
  • Congratulations to Winner of Manitowoc 4100 Scale Model Crane

December 2011 Issue

  • Articulating Crane Operator and Rigger Level II Programs ANSI Accredited
  • Crane Operators Nationwide Respond to Survey
  • Commissioners "Expect Change"
  • NCCCO Focuses on OSHA and Inspector Program at CURT
  • Development of Digger Derrick Program Continues
  • NCCCO to Exhibit at Two Upcoming Industry Events
  • CCO Certification Featured in The Netherlands
  • CCO Crane Operators Help with the Capitol Christmas Tree

November 2011 Issue

  • Crane Inspector Certification Launched
  • Recertification Trend Exceeds Expectations
  • UA Opts for CCO Signalperson Certification
  • CCO Operator Profile: Duane Schmader
  • Deadline Looms for Washington State Crane Certifiers
  • Lamar Advertising Hosts Practical Examiner Workshop

Special ICUEE 2011 Edition

August 2011 Issue

  • Digger Derrick Initiative Supported by Industry
  • NCCCO Elects Directors, Officers for 2011/2012
  • CCO Rigger I and Rigger II Exams Now Available Together
  • OMB Report Estimates $46+ Million in Annual Benefits from 2010 OSHA Crane & Derricks Rule
  • Commissioner Spotlight: Charles Lemon
  • CCO Certificants Obtain PA Crane Operators Licenses
  • Pennsylvania Crane Conference
  • NCCCO's Lift Safety Zone to be Featured at ICUEE

June/July 2011 Issue

  • NCCCO Makes the Most of CONEXPO/CON-AGG
  • ENR Interviews NCCCO Executive Director
  • International Sign Association "Signs Up" for CCO
  • Sample Mobile Load Chart Questions
  • SC&RA Attendees Draw Attention to Crane Safety
  • Link-Belt Hosts Spring NCCCO Commissioners Meetings
  • NCCCO Prevails in Legal Dispute with Crane School

Special CONEXPO Edition

February 2011 Issue

  • NCCCO Sponsors Construction Safety Challenge
  • Discover How Ground Conditions Can Affect Crane and Aerial Work Safety
  • NCCCO to Offer Exams, Examiner Workshops at CONEXPO
  • Management Committees Continually Monitor Test Performance Statistics
  • NCCCO Helps Industry Comply with New OSHA Rules
  • Code of Ethics Reflects Certificants' Commitment to Safety
  • Crane Operators at Afghanistan's Bagram Airfield Earn CCO Certification

December 2010 Issue

  • Computer-Based Testing to Be Available for All Programs
  • NCCCO Guide to OSHA's Personnel Certification and Qualification Requirements
  • Commissioner Spotlight: Charles Sager
  • Pennsylvania Receives First License Applications
  • Commission Represents Divers Industry Stakeholders
  • Essex Crane Rental Backs CCO Signalperson & Rigger Certifications
  • Online Application Streamlines Test Registration

October 2010 Issue

  • Rigger & Signalperson Certifications ANSI Accredited
  • Rigger Level II Program Launches
  • CCO Operator Profile: Matthew Bozza
  • Full Slate of Activities Planned for CONEXPO 2011
  • OSHA Gives Employers 90 Days
  • Audit Process Puts Examiners to the Test

August 2010 Issue

  • Federal OSHA Releases New Rule
  • CCO Crane Operators Judge Themselves Safer
  • The Crane School Hosts Combined Signalperson/Rigger Workshop
  • NCCCO Updates Drilling Contractors on Crane Safety
  • NBIS Hosts NCCCO Meetings

July 2010 Issue

  • NCCCO & CCAA to Develop Certification Program for Crane Certifiers
  • Morrow Hosts Tower Crane/Rigger Workshop
  • Buckner Hosts 11th Annual NCCCO Fun Run
  • Meet the Commissioners: Roger "Skip" Ohman & Peter Jurhen
  • Workshop Prepares NC for Stricter Requirements

April 2010 Issue

  • Articulating Crane Operator Certification Now Available
  • NCCCO Elects Directors/Officers for 2010
  • Inaugural Articulating Crane Practical Examiner Accreditation Workshop Held
  • NCCCO Updates Safety Engineers at Northrup Grumman
  • Bragg Crane Hosts a Rigger/Signalperson Workshop
  • Computer-Based Testing
  • Final OSHA Rule Due in July

February 2010 Issue

  • NCCCO Releases Test for WA State Crane Certifiers
  • Practical Exam Site Number 2,000 Is Registered
  • New Commissioners Elected
  • NCCCO Internal Procedures Commended by ANSI
  • CBT Proves Popular for CCO Exams
  • Photo Gallery: Fall 2009 Commissioners Meeting

December 2009 Issue

  • NCCCO Auditors Gather for Continuing Education
  • Washington Deadline Draws Near
  • Seasoned Operators Pilot Test New CCO Practical Exam
  • World Crane and Transport Summit
  • IUOE Local 825 Hosts Meetings

October 2009 Issue

  • Demand for Rigger and Signalperson Certification Surges
  • Certification Program Development Pace Unprecedented
  • North Carolina Adopts Operator Certification
  • CCO Articulating Crane Operator Certification Unveiled
  • CCO Certification Reaccredited

August 2009 Issue

  • New York City Deadline Approaches
  • CCO Testing Milestones Reached
  • Maryland Labor Commissioner Applauds Initiative
  • NCCCO Testifies on Crane Safety, Risk Management
  • NY City Debuts New Hoist Machine Operator License
  • Visit NCCCO at Upcoming Events
  • Overhead Crane Equipment Hosts NCCCO Meetings
  • CICB/BLP Host First-Ever CCO Rigger/Signalperson Workshop
  • Photo Gallery: Spring 2009 Commissioners Meeting

June 2009 Issue

  • CCO Rigger Certification Available Now
  • NCCCO Elects Directors, Officers for 2009
  • NCCCO Begins Rigger Examiner Training
  • Signalperson & Rigger Practical Examiner Training Workshops Scheduled
  • Buckner Hosts 10th Anniversary Fun Run
  • NCCCO Provides Testimony to Federal OSHA
  • Video: OSHA Signs Historic Agreement Recognizing CCO Certification

April 2009 Issue

  • CCO Tests Now Offered Via Computer
  • Development Underway for Articulating Crane Operator Certification
  • Examiners from Six More States Sign on for Signalperson Certification
  • Calculators on Certification Tests Don't Meet B30.5 Standard

February 2009 Issue

  • NCCCO Celebrates 10 Years of OSHA Recognition
  • CCO Practical Exams Praised by ANSI
  • Pennsylvania Signs Up for Licensing
  • Governor, Labor Commissioner Applaud NCCCO
  • NCCCO Participates in CURT Conference
  • NJ Workshop Trains Examiners
  • CCO "By the Numbers"

November 2008 Issue

  • Pennsylvania to Require Crane Operators to be Licensed
  • OSHA Proposed Rule Published
  • NCCCO to Provide Crane Operator Exams to New York City
  • New York City Overhauls Operator Licensing Rules
  • California Crane Fatalities Drop after Certification Introduced
  • Flintco Mandates Signalperson and Rigger Training
  • Signalperson Certification Program Launched
  • NCCCO Urges White House OMB to Release Crane Rule
  • IUOE Local 18 Invests in Certification
  • California Operator Certification

August 2008 Issue

  • NCCCO Provides Testimony on Capitol Hill
  • Construction Research Group Calls for Certification
  • NCCCO Participates in Crane Safety Press Conference
  • Department of Energy Recognizes CCO Certification
  • North Carolina Firms Host Workshop

May 2008 Issue

  • Certifying Riggers and Signalpersons
  • Crane Tech Donates Software for CCO Exam Development
  • New Mexico Updates Licensing Application
  • NCCCO Renames Mobile Crane Exams and Load Charts
  • NCCCO Elects Directors, Officers for 2008
  • CCO Exams Available via Computer

February 2008 Issue

  • NCCCO Plans Focus Groups
  • Certification for Riggers and Signalpersons Moves Forward
  • Legislative Initiatives Continue in Absence of Published Federal Mandate
  • Washington Gears Up
  • NCCCO Trains IUOE Members to Offer New Jersey State Exam
  • Getting Started on Certification: Part 2
  • Registration and Housing for CONEXPO Is Open

October 2007 Issue

  • NCCCO Awarded Prestigious ANSI Accreditation
  • Changes Made to the NCCCO Practical Examiner Accreditation Program
  • Testing Accommodations
  • NCCCO Appoints Chairmen
  • Overhead Program Gathers Pace
  • Training Is Key

August 2007 Issue

  • Rigger, Signalperson Certification Program off to Promising Start
  • NCCCO Reaffirms Training/Testing Separation
  • Overhead Crane Operator Certification Resonates with Employers
  • Sicklesteel Provides Muscle for Historic Project
  • Another Successful Run

May 2007 Issue

  • Washington State to Require Certification of Cranes and Operators
  • California Leads the Nation in Crane Operator Certification
  • NCCCO Elects Directors, Officers for 2007
  • Requirement for Submitting Physical Exam Forms Removed
  • Mobile Crane Exam Modifications Made
  • Crane Operator Code of Ethics Adopted
  • NCCCO Reduces Fees
  • Salt Lake City Office Relocates

February 2007 Issue

  • NCCCO Plans New Certification Programs
  • Operator Certification: This Year's Hot Topic
  • CCO Certification Is the "Right Thing to Do" for Zachry
  • OSHA Chief Commits to Publishing Crane Standard Revision
  • CCO Certification Key to Hite Crane Safety Plan

October 2006 Issue

  • Tower Crane Recertification Now Available
  • CCO Small and Large Telescopic Categories to Be Renamed
  • New Cranes Featured on NCCCO Written Exams
  • A Lampson Tradition
  • 55th Annual Governor's Industrial Safety and Health Conference

July 2006 Issue

  • CCO Certification Card Education Program Targets Employers
  • NCCCO Registers 1000th Practical Examination Site
  • Essex Liebherr Crawler Selected for NCCCO Practical Exam
  • Energy Giant Finds Success with CCO Certification
  • Morrow Equipment Hosts NCCCO Spring Meeting
  • 2006 NCCCO Fun Run

April 2006 Issue

  • NCCCO and the Construction Institute Sign Cooperative Agreement
  • Utah to Require NCCA-Accredited Crane Operator Certification
  • South Carolina DOT Mandates CCO Certification
  • Crane Rental Hosts Second NCCCO Examiner Workshop
  • New Cranes Featured on NCCCO Written Exams
  • ISO Accreditation Standard Adopted by ANSI
  • NCCCO Publishes 4-Step Guide to Use of Its Trademarks
  • OSHA, Industry Address FCOC Meeting