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Certification of Crane Operators
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Hosting Practical Exams

Application to Host Practical Examinations

When the Test Site Coordinator is ready to schedule a test, he/she must submit to CCO a completed Test Site Application for each type of load handling equipment; some mobile crane sites also require a completed Data Sheet for CCO to produce a tailored Test Site Layout (CAD).  

CCO Practical Test Sites are registered by the host company for which the services are being provided, not the training company or the Practical Exam Proctor. The site-specific CAD drawings therefore become the property of the host company.

The Test Site Application shall be filled out with the company’s information for which the services are being provided (not the training company). All contact information (including an email address for the company contact person) must be provided. A training representative is not an acceptable contact person.

The Test Site Application may be copied as often as necessary to accommodate all test equipment; similarly, complete one Data Sheet per mobile crane.

A Test Site Application (& Data Sheet for mobile crane sites) must be sent along with all additional requested materials to CCO no later than four weeks prior to the requested test date. Note that all the information requested must be included; incomplete applications cannot be processed.

Expedited processing of CAD drawings—for an additional cost—is available for mobile crane sites that require faster processing time:

  • Standard processing (4-week turnaround): no charge
  • Expedited processing (7 business days): $100 per crane
  • Rush (3 business days, as available): $200 per crane

Please see the Expedited and Rush Expedited CAD Request forms on the Handbooks and Forms page and/or contact CCO’s Utah Office for more information. Applications received after noon (MST) will be considered received on the next business day.

Also for the mobile crane operator program only, the Test Site Coordinator must provide the following information on a Data Sheet for each crane to be used for testing:

  • Make, model, and serial number of the crane(s)
  • A detailed description of the configuration for testing—counterweight(s), boom type, rope size and type, and any ancillary equipment that will be in place
  • Dimensions (diameter and height) of the Test Weight(s) to be used
  • Line pull chart and range diagram
  • Rating/capacity charts and associated notes for the proposed configuration(s); charts may not be reference or sales brochures; digital copies of the in-cab manual or durable chart are acceptable.
  • For boom trucks only: Bed length, front and rear outrigger spread (center pin to center pin, fully extended), working area (180 or 360 degrees), and center of rotation mount (rear or behind the cab)

Once the mobile crane data sheet has been approved, CCO will develop details for the layout of the test site and crane setup, including a Test Site Layout (CAD). CCO will email the CAD directly to the host company representative and the Test Site Coordinator.

Standardized Test Site Layouts (CADs) are used for all other operator programs.