National Commission for the
Certification of Crane Operators
Committed to Quality, Integrity, and Fairness in Testing since 1995


Hosting Practical Exams

Test Day


All candidate score sheets must be accompanied by a color, head-and-shoulders photograph of the candidate without hat or sunglasses. Test sites equipped with digital photographic equipment are encouraged to submit candidate photographs to NCCCO in digital format via email.


Candidates must apply for practical exams online. Following submission of their practical exam applications, candidates will receive a confirmation email within one hour with an authorization code for each practical exam they are approved to take. Candidates have up to 180 days to take their practical exam before their authorization expires.

Test Site Coordinators may submit candidate applications as a batch and make one payment. The Test Site Coordinator will receive an email confirmation, including authorization codes, for the batch of applications. Candidates will also receive their authorization code(s) via email.

Please note the following requirements:

  • Candidates will not be permitted to take a practical exam without their authorization code.
  • Candidates must take the authorized practical exam by the expiration date. No extensions permitted.
  • Applications cannot be cancelled, refunded, or transferred to another candidate.
  • There is no restriction on where candidates may test even when batch applications are submitted.