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Hosting a Practical Exam Proctor Program Workshop

What does hosting a workshop involve?

CCO Practical Exam Proctor Program (PEPP) workshops are hosted by companies and organizations around the country. PEPP workshops can train candidates to administer CCO practical tests in any or all categories. To host a PEPP workshop, you will need to be able to provide indoor and/or outdoor facilities, depending on the program(s).

What are the benefits to hosting a workshop?

In recognition of the time, labor, and materials the host site contributes to the event, registration for one employee of your company is complimentary (two employees for Mobile Crane and Digger Derrick workshops). You also save travel and hotel expenses by holding it at your facility. Moreover, as a result of preparing for the Workshop, you’ll be all set up as an official CCO Practical Exam Test Site and be ready to begin testing without delay. Finally, having experienced CCO instructors there ensures that your test course is set up properly and you have everything you need to conduct CCO practical exams once the PEPP workshop is over.

How will my hosting be recognized?

CCO will provide press coverage of the event through its e-newsletter and, upon request, will develop a press release for your use. You will also receive an official CCO plaque of appreciation recognizing your participation in the program.

What are the indoor site requirements?

Classroom activities for all programs require a room large enough to comfortably accommodate around 20 participants. A TV/DVD player or laptop computer and projector are also needed.

What kind of outdoor area do I need?

PEPP workshops for the operator programs require a firm, level area that is free of ground and overhead obstructions and is large enough to accommodate required equipment and test courses. Overhead cranes may be indoors or outdoors. The outdoor area must be within walking distance of the classroom. In addition, the site must have indoor bathroom facilities (porta-potties are not acceptable).

What type of equipment do I need to provide?

  • Mobile Cranes—at least two of the following: lattice boom crane, swing-cab telescopic boom crane, fixed-cab telescopic boom crane
  • Service Truck Cranes: a service truck crane
  • Tower Cranes: a hammerhead or a self-erecting crane
  • Overhead Cranes: an overhead crane with at least a three-ton capacity and powered functions for hoist, bridge, and trolley
  • Articulating Cranes: an articulating boom crane and/or an articulating boom loader (drywall crane)
  • Digger Derricks: any digger derrick truck
  • Dedicated Pile Drivers: pile driver with pile guides
  • Drill Rigs: foundation drill rig or anchor/micropile drill rig
  • Rigger Level I: may be indoors; 5-7 ft. high attachment point with 100 lb. capacity and the appropriate rigging kit
  • Rigger Level II: in shop or outdoors; a 13 ft. high fixed pick point with at least a 1½-ton capacity and the appropriate rigging kit
  • Signalperson: TV or projector/screen in classroom should have minimum 60 in. diagonal screen.

Operator programs also require test weights and materials to construct the test courses. For details regarding equipment and test weight specifications and test course materials, please contact the Test Personnel Credentials Team at

Who lays out the test site?

The host company or organization is responsible for laying out the site for the operator programs; CCO provides detailed step-by-step instructions, including a CAD site plan. CCO personnel will guide you through placing the equipment and setting up the test course(s) prior to the workshop. In addition, an onsite audit is conducted several weeks prior to the workshop to ensure that all materials, equipment, and courses are correct.

What costs are involved?

There are two types of workshops: open and closed. An open workshop is open to the public and anyone can apply to attend. The host company receives one complimentary registration and any additional participants are charged the individual fee. A closed workshop is closed to the public and filled via invitation only by the host company. The host company pays the closed workshop fee.

  • Open Workshop Fee (per individual):
    • Refresher workshop (each): $300
    • Full PEPP workshop (each): $900
  • Closed Workshop Fee (per event):
    • Closed refresher workshop only (up to 10): $5,000
    • Closed full workshop only (up to 10): $6,000
    • Closed refresher and closed full workshop (up to 10): $9,000

How can I find out more?

Complete the proposal request form and email it to CCO. We'll email you a proposal containing further details of what’s involved—naturally, without any obligation. Or address specific inquiries to the Test Personnel Credential Team at